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Insect bites cause unpleasant symptoms. These seven home remedies for insect bites can gently alleviate the symptoms.


What helps quickly against insect bites?

If you don't pay attention for a moment, you will be stung by an insect. Insect bites can cause unpleasant symptoms such as itching, pain, and swelling. Fortunately, however, a sting from wasps, bees and the like can usually be treated well by yourself: We usually have household remedies against insect bites at home and gently relieve the symptoms.

Household remedies against insect bites at a glance

The treatment of wasp stings, mosquito bites, or bee bites is not that difficult. The following 7 household remedies can help against swelling, itching, redness, and the like:

Cooling: Cooling is the perfect household remedy against insect bites, as it has an anti-inflammatory effect. There are several ways to cool a bite: Cold compresses can be used just like ice cubes. The only important thing is that the object to be cooled is wrapped in a clean cotton cloth and does not come into direct contact with the skin - otherwise, there is a risk of frostbite. The wrapped cooling aid can be placed on the puncture site for about ten minutes.

Lemon or onion slices: The juice of lemon and onion slices has proven to be a household remedy against symptoms such as the annoying itching and swelling caused by mosquito bites. You can simply press the slices lightly on the bite site and rub them back and forth so that the juice escapes. These home remedies for insect bites promise quick relief. Alternatively, cucumber slices also work.

Vinegar water: Cold compresses with vinegar water also help against insect bites, as they have an anti-inflammatory effect. This household remedy also relieves itching. For a cold envelope with vinegar water, two parts of water are mixed with one part of apple vinegar, then a cotton cloth is dipped into the mixture and this is then placed on the bite site.

Essential oils: Essential oils such as tea tree oil or lavender oil are a good home remedy against itching or redness caused by a mosquito bite. Simply apply a drop of the oil to the bite.

Salt mixture: If some salt is mixed with water until a tough mush is formed, this mixture can also be used as a household remedy against insect bites. The salt is applied directly to the bite.

Hot spoon: Not only cold helps against insect bites, but heat can also alleviate the symptoms. The so-called hot spoon is particularly helpful. To do this, a spoon is briefly warmed over a water bath and pressed on the bite site for about 10 seconds. Important: the spoon must not be too hot so that no burns occur. The heat causes the pores of the skin to close, the puncture site is disinfected and the itching subsides.

Sugar cubes: Sugar as a household remedy actually helps against the poison from a bee or wasp sting. To do this, moisten a piece of a sugar cube and place it on the sting - the poison is thus neutralized.

Important: Especially in case of itching you often have the urge to scratch the affected area. But we should definitely not do that - on the one hand, the itching only subsides for a short time, on the other hand, in the worst-case bacteria can get into the wound. However, the brain can be tricked a little: if you scratch directly next to the puncture site, you will also have the feeling that the itching will subside.

Wasp bites, mosquito bites, bee bites, etc.: Can I prevent insect bites?

To avoid the use of insect bites or even having to go to the doctor, here are some tips to help prevent a bite. These tips include:

The right clothing: Solid fabric can make it harder for insects such as mosquitoes to penetrate. In summer, for example, airy linen helps. Insects also avoid light-colored surfaces - so light-colored clothing generally helps to keep bloodsuckers at bay.

Vegetable oil: Lavender, clove, and lemon oil (for example from the pharmacy) contain fragrances that insects do not like. So if you plant some lavender on your balcony, for example, you will have peace from wasps, bees, and mosquitoes.

Turn off the light: Before going to bed, you should definitely air the apartment again for about five minutes. However, light attracts insects - so before you open the windows, make sure you turn off the light.


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