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10 good reasons to get up 15 minutes early

Starting the day a little earlier in the morning is worth it. 10 reasons that will convince even the incorrigible morning grouch.
People who are in a good mood early in the morning (i.e. before 9 o'clock) and - even worse - look like they have just hatched are very suspicious. Some people jog eleven kilometers through the woods before they appear in the office, beaming. How is that even possible, so purely technical?

On the other hand, we would like to immediately throw streamers at guys who barricade themselves behind newspapers at the breakfast table and restrict communication to the bare minimum: nod their heads every now and then and make simple grunts. People who belong to the “Please don't speak to me before your first coffee” group are generally sympathetic.

But oh, if we're being honest: it might be worth getting up a little earlier in the morning than usual. Because we gain valuable time - for ourselves. And secretly we also envy the early risers a bit, because they simply have a lot less hectic in the morning ...

But please don't overdo it, that's why we only take small steps: From now on we get up 15 minutes earlier than usual to look around a bit to take care of ourselves and finally to start the day comfortably. Ten good things that we do with the time we have saved 

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