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13 mantras to help you bounce off stress

Mantras against stress - these phrases calm down

Sometimes there are simple sentences that can help us in a stressful time or crisis. Here are a few helpful suggestions.
When we are stuck in stressful or challenging times, we often let ourselves fall into pain. On the one hand, it's good that we don't suppress our feelings, but we can also get caught up in a spiral that makes us forget how much power there is in us.

These mantras can help us look lively again. After all, the key to change is always within ourselves, never with others or outside.

1. It's just a phase

Nothing lasts forever - not even stressful times. Of course, it's always good to take action to change the situation. But a mantra like this is a step in the right direction.

2. Life protects me

We are surrounded by energies that want to do us right. We should not forget that.

3. I am safe and secure

Security is in ourselves, it is not dependent on other people.

4. I have great strength within me

We have the power to steer our lives in a new direction.

5. The here and now, this moment, is certain

Often we worry about things that are in the future. We are allowed to internalize that the moment itself is safe.

6. I am adorable

Please never forget!

7. The heart knows the way

This quote from Buddha can help wonderfully in times of crisis.

8. It's okay to have fear inside me

All feelings that are in use have their place. Only when we push them away, do they get stronger. So it is good to accept what is there. This often makes it smaller.

9. I am calm deep down

No matter how turbulent it is around you - deep down, everyone has a source of strength that they can isolate from all the hustle and bustle. A place he goes to recharge his batteries.

10. It should be the way it is

Is there a deeper meaning behind everything that happens? Probably not everyone would endorse this sentence. However, it often helps to cope with difficult situations - and to keep hopes for improvement.

11. I can decide for myself how I live

Control is something that has always calmed people down. And when times are stressful, it is good to be clear: it is in my own hands to change the situation. At any time - even if it only means a change of perspective.

12. I've achieved a lot in my life

We can be proud of what we have already mastered in life.

13. I am surrounded by people who love me

Parents, family, friends - there are many more people around us who like us than we perceive.

Find your own mantra!

Is there no suitable mantra for you? Then go inside yourself and feel which positive belief could better flatter your soul. Often you can handle this quite well when you say the sentence out loud a few times. You choose the words yourself - you are entirely free to do so. It is only necessary that they trigger a positive feeling in you.

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