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7 beauty tips to get us through autumn


It's getting colder and more uncomfortable. Accordingly, our skin needs an extra dose of care. What should we pay attention to now and which beauty mistakes should we avoid? We clarify!

Tip 1: what to do if the nose is red?

In the dark season you are happy about every ray of sunshine. But the skin is not used to light and is extremely sensitive. Winter creams contain a high level of sun protection and nourishing dexpanthenol. Anyone who tends to have enlarged blood vessels (couperose) should apply a cold protection cream.

Tip 2: Forget light gel textures

When temperatures drop below eight degrees, the sebum glands slow down their production, but the skin releases less moisture. It becomes problematic when we get into the warmth from outside. The water evaporation increases, the skin becomes dry. An effect that also occurs in the wind. Light gel textures for the face are not enough and allow the skin to dry out quickly. She needs richer care . The complexion is supported by vegetable fats such as B. Evening primrose oil. Micro-silver should also protect against germs from the outside - normal healthy skin has an intact barrier, but with very dry skin this is more permeable, so that germs can penetrate more easily. 

Tip 3: avoid heavy cleaning

What you shouldn't save on creams at these temperatures in winter can be used for cleaning . Wash in the morning with pure water only, in the evening do not use alcohol-based facial tonic, no cleansing gels, no peeling, ideally only use cleansing milk.

Tip 4: What helps if your hands are cracked?

When it is cold, the first thing the metabolism does is remove heat from the hands, blood vessels constrict and blood flow deteriorates. First measure: wear gloves. And apply lotion often, especially after washing, the back of the hand has hardly any sebum or subcutaneous fat. Hand massages with rich cream keep the skin supple. An SOS balm with healing marigold extract soothes small cracks and dry spots.

Tip 5: Think about sun protection even in autumn

The skin needs care with a sun protection factor not only on winter holidays, but also on autumn walks. Normal sun creams contain too little fat. Uses special winter sun creams that also offer protection from the cold.

Tip 6: Always humidify the air well

The heated rooms in which we spend most of the day are worse for our skin than the temperatures in winter. Because dry air removes moisture. A room humidity of 40 to 60 percent is ideal. It is therefore important: briefly but properly ventilate every two hours. And: Green plants are the ecological alternative to air humidifiers. 

Tip 7: The lips are too chapped

Only a few sebum glands can be found around the mouth, the delicate lip skin itself has none. This is why outside fat is so important. Lip balms and pencils with vegetable waxes and oils take care of the repair of chapped lips. If the lips are already chapped, care for them regularly until they are nice and supple again. And: Do not wet the cracked skin of the lips with your tongue, it will only dry out more.


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