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7 people tell: How it feels to find your soul mate

Whisper: Ein Paar steht sich gegenüber, hält sich an den Händen und spiegelt sich in einem  Fenster

You do not believe in soul mates? Or have you already found your soul twin? These people obviously have it - or at least believe it ...
One of the many advantages of living and being in the world now is that there are still countless things between heaven and earth that cannot be explained or excluded. God, horoscopes, karma - it is easy to say that all this is nonsense, but it is more difficult to prove it.

How, for example, is one to disprove a person who says that God gives him strength? Why does it give so many people insight and orientation to know their star sign and horoscope? And why should one even discuss with someone who is sure to have found his karmic love or his dual soul partner, because he simply feels it? Exactly! Therefore, we prefer to enjoy our ignorance and the freedom to believe what makes the most sense to us and look peacefully where this will lead us.
Because as the following articles from our favorite revelation platform "Whisper" once again wonderfully show: Life sets us enough boundaries anyway! We don't have to put our mind and our fantasy too much into the limits ...

7 people talk: This is how it feels to find your soul mate
1. so beautiful!
"I had actually never believed in such things, but now I have found my twin soul. When we kissed for the first time and I felt all his love, I knew it was real. I love him and I am so happy."

2. so hard!
"Only recently I realized that I am apparently the 'hunter' in my dual soul partnership ... but I can't do that. If someone wants to run away, why should I stop them?"

3. such a pity!
"Sometimes we meet our twin soul too early. We can meet it again and again in different lives. I am afraid I am in such a situation where I have found my dual soul, but it just is not meant to be."

4. so scary!
"I have found my twin soul, but I have already hosted it twice because it is so scary."
5. so sad!
"I have found my twin soul, but she is happily married. We love each other, but will never be intimate. It makes me so sad that I found her only to suppress my desires."

6. so cruel!
"I have found my soul mate, my twin soul, my favorite person. But she lives on the other side of the country and I am married to someone who pays little attention to me. The universe can be so cruel."

7. so painful!
"I found my twin soul, but we had to separate again. Never before have I felt such pain."


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