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Lean overnight - it works with 8 tips!

Lean overnight - it doesn't have to be a dream! If you want to lose weight, you just need to follow these 8 tips and don't have to adhere to strict diet rules!

Tip 1: drink tea

Having tea before bed will not only help you fall asleep but also help you lose weight while you sleep. For this, however, you should choose the right variety: Lavender, valerian and chamomile help you relax, so-called "fat-burning teas" help you get slim. You can get the latter in the pharmacy. But be careful: "Detox teas", which are supposed to help detoxify, have a stimulating effect. Better drink it in the morning or at lunchtime so as not to suffer from lack of sleep.

Tip 2: omit alcohol

Unfortunately, it's easier said than done: Those who refrain from alcohol in the evening will lose weight and will soon see results on the scales. The latter corresponds to the approximate calorie content of half a bar of chocolate. And that's not all: alcohol stimulates the appetite and inhibits fat burning. It is, therefore, worthwhile to think twice about the (for many) obligatory after-work beer with (evening) bread. Better: drink water - it promotes fat burning!

Tip 3: lose weight with peppermint while you sleep

Peppermint has some excellent properties - one of which is its ability to curb cravingsAnyone who drinks mint tea in the evening stimulates the liver and bile, which in turn boosts the fat metabolism. And that has a restraining effect on the appetite - getting slim is no longer a dream!

Tip 4: eat meat

A lot of protein, little fat, little starch: these are the keys that some diets rely on. Traits that are most likely to apply to lean meats, such as chicken or lamb. Tender beef is very beneficial for a good night's sleep and for losing weight while you sleepFor vegetarians, nuts and lentils are what promote deep sleep.

Tip 5: set time windows

If you want to lose weight and become slim, you should set time windows in which to eat and fast. A time window of around twelve hours, in which you have breakfast at 7 a.m. and have your last meal at 7 p.m., can make sense.  Many diets follow this pattern.

Tip 6: "Eat like a beggar."

"In the morning like an emperor, at noon like a king and in the evening like a beggar" is the famous saying. The slogan aims to ensure that you can lose weight if you pay attention to three things: How many calories a person eats during the day, how many he burns, and whether he allows his body a long rest period at night. Nevertheless, it is advisable not to eat huge portions shortly before going to sleep and, if possible, to rely on the low-carb nutritional concept.
In the metabolic diet is nothing at all eaten before bedtime. Why is it better to eat a little in the evening? On the one hand, the quality of sleep is worse after a substantial meal than after a light snack, and on the other hand, you get the bill the next day in the form of cravings and fatigue.

Tip 7: go to bed earlier

When losing weight while you sleep, you should also keep the following in mind: the longer you are awake, the higher the likelihood of gaining weight. First, you have more time to eat, and second, if you don't sleep well, the possibility of cravings the next day increases, because: When we suffer from lack of sleep, and our biorhythm gets mixed up, the body releases the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin. And if you haven't had enough sleep, you have to refill your energy reserves in some other way - losing weight is made even more difficult and getting slim is a long way off.

Tip 8: lose weight overnight - combining food diet according to Dr Detlef Pape

The " slim while sleeping " insulin food combining according to Pape states that a high insulin level promotes the accumulation of fat. And an excessive release of insulin is triggered by the combination of animal protein and carbohydrates. It is important to avoid the combination of "carbohydrates and proteins" - in other words, food combining. However, this principle is not entirely correct, as it always depends on the number of carbohydrates consumed and thus also on the number of calories consumed.


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