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Lose weight in a flash and yet relaxed - with the fire breathing technique


If you concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes a day, you lose weight! At least that is what this Indian yoga exercise promises. 

If you want to lose weight, you usually do without unhealthy sweets and kick yourself off in the gym. But how about if we could just breathe the kilos away instead? With the fire breathing technique, at least the belly fat should melt in no time at all.

That is why the fire breathing technique helps you lose weight!

Not only a bad diet and little exercise lead to obesity, but stress can also add a kilo or two. Those who are permanently under current increase the release of the hormone cortisol - which in turn increases the blood sugar level.

The fire breathing technique provides a remedy! It is an Indian yoga exercise that helps us relax and regulate our hormonal balance. Through targeted exercises, we also recharge our batteries and stimulate our metabolism and digestion. Unwelcome love handles disappear in minutes.

How it works

The implementation is very easy:

  • Sit comfortably but upright and exhale forcefully through your nose as you pull in your stomach.
  • Your abdominal muscles tighten at this moment and push the air out.
  • Concentrate only on the exhalation, the correct inhalation happens automatically as soon as your muscles relax again.

As a beginner, you should first do this exercise very slowly so that you get a feel for the right technique and can be sure that your stomach relaxes completely after each contraction. 30 to 40 repetitions once a day is therefore sufficient. If you feel safe and have found your rhythm, you can increase to 70 to 100 repetitions at some point.

Attention! As soon as you become short of breath or feel slightly dizzy, close your eyes, sit relaxed, and return to normal breathingIf you are unsure or who have these problems more often, you should have your technique corrected by a trained yoga teacher.

And even if you have your period or are pregnant, you should better avoid this exercise.

Proteins support the effect!

Unfortunately, you cannot do without a healthy diet. To give the metabolism that final boost, you should focus on lots of vegetables and protein-rich foods. 


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