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Motivation: With these 6 tips you will get sporty!

Too cold, too wet, too dark: there are numerous "arguments" against the sport. No matter how unsportsmanlike you maybe -,, our tips will spark your motivation!

Create motivation

Why has your sports project always failed so far? Probably due to the right motivation! So: Before starting a training plan, ask yourself why you want to start now. Do you want to lose a few pounds? Then set yourself a specific goal that you can work towards. Or do you want to train your back to prevent the pain? Always keep in mind the benefits you can get from an hour of exercise.

Look for background music.

As soon as the beat is right, the motivation increases automatically. And that's not just said, but has been proven by several studies. Music can improve your performance by a whopping 20 per cent. So, before you do the next jogging lap, you should build yourself the right playlist so that you can also enjoy exercising.

To meet with friends.

Regardless of whether your lust is at its lowest or your tiredness has the upper hand: When you go out to do sports with friends, it's harder to simply cancel. You push each other to train, so to speak, which in retrospect was actually always quite good. It's also more fun to train together!

Use sports apps

A sports app has the advantage that you can see your athletic success very closely. Like how far you ran and how many calories you burned in the process. After a certain period, you can then possibly look forward to making progress, which in turn promotes self-confidence and your own motivation to continue.

The right outfit

Trick17 for unsportsmanlike people. Just dress up in a chic, new workout look. After all, this cannot only get stuck in the closet but has to be "carried out". So shopping can also ensure that sport can be enjoyable.

Minimum effort, maximum effect

Do you find it hard to get up in the morning or go to the gym after work? Then have all your sports equipment ready in the evening, including water and energy bars.

What motivates us

Many people resolve to get more active. But does that also work? And how exactly, for example through sport or simply more activity in everyday life? And do we even know which sport is right for us? To this end, Prof. Dr Froböse, sports scientist and university professor for prevention and rehabilitation in sports at the German Sport University in Cologne

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