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Saving a relationship: With these tips you will be heading back to cloud 7 ❤️

Save relationship: couple hugging

What breaks love, and what can you do to avert a relationship crisis? We'll give you a little help.
Regardless of whether you've only been together for a year or several decades: sooner or later, every couple has to fight their way through a crisis. Small arguments turn into enormous ideas. You hardly spend any more time with each other or continuously talk past one another. We have solid relationship tips for youput together that can help you get your broken partnership back on track. Cheer up: if both of you want it, there is (almost) always away!

1. Be authentic

In a relationship crisis, it doesn't help anyone if you pretend to be. Don't play the heroine! If the whole thing is bothering you, then show it openly. After all, the partner could otherwise draw wrong conclusions and believe, for example, that you are not attached to the relationship at all.

2. Changes perspective

One of the most essential tips for resolving conflicts! Because only when you try to look at the situation from your partner's point of view will you understand what the problem really is. If you cannot empathize with your partner, ask him directly: "How are you feeling in our relationship?" Unfortunately, it is by no means a given that couples talk openly about their feelings. The fear of being "weak" or "vulnerable" is too great.

3. Get concrete!

Sentences like "We have to do better in the future" or "We should definitely change that" unfortunately don't help in relationship crises. Conflicts can only be resolved if concrete measures are discussed, such as, "We should take two evenings a week for togetherness." The more specifically you formulate solutions, the better!

4. Take breaks

Crawling out of a relationship hole takes quite a bit of effort. You can't work on problems non-stop. Also, consciously take "time out" from the crisis. Do something with your best friend or family and do completely different things. That ensures balance!

5. Remember good times

What happened to be in love? If the fire threatens to go out, take targeted action against it: indulge in memories together- maybe even do the same thing you did on your first date. Also, try to remember if you have overcome a crisis together before. Perhaps you can now pursue a similar strategy.

6. Get help

You realize that you can't do it on your own? There is no reason to give up yet. Apart from friends and family, a couples therapist can also provide the necessary impetus to improve. Just don't be ashamed: there's really nothing wrong with asking an expert for relationship tips.

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