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Skin care for all ages: This is important from 30, 40 and 50+

Does it make sense to prevent wrinkles as early as 20? Or only to apply cream when they are already there? We'll tell you from what age you need which anti-aging strategy.

Anti-wrinkle cream from 30? Does it make sense?

Folds easily excrement would be so nice, right? Drug stores and perfumeries have entire shelves full of anti-wrinkle products. But what makes sense and above all, from what age do we even need the first anti-aging products? Are there other ways to fight skin aging? What helps against forehead wrinkles, what generally against wrinkled expression linesWhat is this thread lift that everyone is talking about right now? Can you even prevent wrinkles? Question after question. Dermatologist Dr. Hans-Ulrich Voigt from the Kosmed Institute in Munich answers which anti-aging method helps from which age.


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