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"Ugly Sleep Effect": Do women feel uglier more often than men?


Tired? Welcome to the club! According to a British study, sleep problems are particularly typical for women - see in the video why the consequences are so bitter!

Regardless of whether you cannot fall asleep, wake up every few hours or have bad dreams and sleep too little, that's horror! Burning eyes, rumbling stomach, difficulty concentrating - everything is annoying and just difficult. Unfortunately, this is exactly what is permanent for many people and, as a British study found, especially for women.

"Gender Sleep Gap": Women sleep less than men

The bed and mattress retailer " Bensons for Beds " asked 2,000 couples about their sleeping habits. The most shocking result first: the women stated that they slept an average of three hours less per night than their partners ! Quite a lot, especially when you consider that this should be pretty much the length of sleep that some (women) can get on an ordinary night during the week ...

According to the study, one reason for the poor sleep of women is in many cases right next to them: Almost one in four respondents (22 percent) find it difficult  to rest because their partner's snoring bothers them. 14 percent again stated that it is primarily they who take care of the children at night while their loved one continues to sleep peacefully. In general, 33 percent of women reported waking up several times a night - a problem that only 20 percent of the men surveyed were familiar with.

"Ugly sleep effect": every fifth tired woman feels ugly

You don't have to be a genius to predict that this "gender sleep gap" does not exactly benefit women: A third of the ladies surveyed said that they felt depressed and dejected due to the lack of sleep  Every fifth woman is regularly burned out and completely exhausted on Fridays , but then, due to corresponding disruptive factors, she cannot catch up on the sleep she missed on the weekend either. And: 21 percent of the participants reported that they automatically feel bad, ugly and repulsive feel if they haven't slept enough. If that's not a hot lead for clearing up a whole series of questions ...!

But regardless of whether man or woman - according to the "Bensons for Bed" study, both sexes seem to tend to suffer from lack of sleep: 73 percent of women and 64 percent of men agreed with the statement, often due to tiredness or too little sleep on the side of their powers. Doesn't sound enviable!


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