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This is how the 25-second rule will help you lose weight


Do you lack the stamina to stick to a diet? Then the 25-second rule developed by researchers is probably just right for you!

What's behind the nutritional formula?

As a study by Rush University Medical Center shows, exactly 25 seconds are enough for people to make a healthy decision. The scientists carried out their investigation on a snack machine, at which the test subjects could choose between a healthy or unhealthy snack.

For their experiment, the experts developed a machine that deliberately delayed the selection of snacks. How it works? If the person chose an unhealthy snack, they had to wait at least 25 seconds for the snack machine to throw it out. A screen on the device displayed the countdown. During this time, the test person had the opportunity to choose a healthy alternative, which was thrown out immediately.

The result: the majority of the test subjects did not want to wait for the 25 seconds and instead opted for the meal without waiting. "People prefer immediate satisfaction. This system influences our decision-making and behavior in everyday life. Waiting for something makes it less desirable," sums up the head of the study, Appelhans.

Can You Really Lose Weight With The 25 Second Rule?

In fact, the 25-second rule can also be easily transferred to normal everyday life. Here's how it works: just always count to 25 before grabbing an unhealthy snack or another serve. In this time window, you become aware of what you actually want to eat - and focus on healthier alternatives.

A trick that has nothing to do with a long-term change in diet, but still proves to be helpful against food cravings. So if you want to lose weight, it doesn't hurt to learn this method.


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