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This is how long you have to stick to your diet to keep the weight off


Most people know that crash diets rarely lead to weight loss success. But how long do you really have to stick to a diet to permanently reduce your weight?

Why lightning diets don't help

Those who want to lose weight quickly often try so-called lightning diets. They promise that you will reach your desired weight in no time. The problem with this: These weight-loss cures mostly live from a one-sided diet, so you endanger a balanced supply of nutrients. In addition, they do not have a permanent effect, because these diets lead to the so-called yo-yo effect. Long-term weight loss based on a combination of diet, behavior change and exercise is better.

How long do you have to stick to a diet?

A new study from Denmark, which was published in the specialist journal "European Journal of Endrocinology", provides the answer: According to this, you have to keep a diet for at least a year in order for it to work. Why it is like that? The experts accompanied 20 overweight people over a year. This year the release of various hormones was measured. It was found that after the twelve months there was a significantly higher release (65 percent) of the intestinal hormone GLP-1, which triggers the feeling of satiety. And the hormone P-YY, which curbs the appetite, was also present in higher concentrations.

"The hard thing about dieting is fighting hunger. It's like a drug," explains Signe Sorenson Torekov of the University of Copenhagen, adding: "We are surrounded by so many foods all day that in theory we are all around The most important thing is not to give up and to fight cravings. "


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