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This is what it means when you talk in your sleep

talking in sleep: woman in bed

Does your partner keep telling you that you talk in your sleep? That says a lot about you!

"Schsslamagaredomeng ... Schala ... riffraff" - a lot of us sound like this or something like that when we talk in our sleepSometimes correct sentences or sentence fragments come about, but often they are sounds that are difficult for others to decipher. This is because our speech muscles don't work correctly while we sleep.

Talking in your sleep - why are we doing this?

The phenomenon is called "somniloquy" in technical jargon and occurs in around 5 percent of adults. However, many never find out about it because they sleep alone.
But why do we talk at night? There are several explanations for this. Some scientists assume that only things from the dream are uttered and that sleepers tend to speak the nocturnal noises, especially in stressful situations, under the influence of fever, alcohol, or medication.
Nerina Ramlakhan, the author of the book "Fast Asleep, Wide Awake," on the other hand, believes that you speak in your sleep to get something off your mindThese are often things that you don't dare to say in real life.

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