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This is what love feels like at first sight


Some doubt that it even exists, others want to have already experienced it: love at first sight. "Reddit" users have described how this legendary phenomenon actually feels.  

Actually, it is difficult if not impossible to recognize love at first sight, at least at the moment in question: Whether we really love someone can often only be judged after years when we have experienced crises and overcome them together. And even if time shows that true love connects us with someone and we thought that person was the right person from the very first moment: Was what we felt at the very beginning really already love? Or was it something else, e.g. B. The infatuation that eventually became love? 

On " Reddit ", numerous people who believe they have experienced love, at first sight, have tried to describe the feeling and shared their story. Are they proof that this phenomenon really exists? It's best to decide for yourself!

Men and women tell: This is what love feels like at first sight

1. Stormy, easy and peaceful

"It was like a whirlwind, I can hardly describe it. Distance and a lot of work for both of us (we couldn't see each other for a year) forced us to end it. We are still best friends, one thing connects us Kind of platonic love, we've both met since we split up (I've just had another bad experience) but I've never felt this ... ease and peace with anyone as early as she did.

If she moves here in a few years, who knows? She never will, but if she asked me to wait, I would. I would say yes to her without thinking twice. "

2. Life-changing

"We were both 18, almost 19. He was in his sophomore year, I was just starting my first semester. I was 95 percent sure that I was a lesbian. But then I saw this silly redhead in the open-air cinema, he had a styrofoam wreath on his head and he was making one on Julius Caesar - he gave me the most beautiful, honest smile I had ever seen. When he asked my name, I sensed that he really wanted to know it and not just asked to fill in the time, my heart skipped a little and we looked each other in the eye for a bit too long before we both turned back to the screen. 

The next day we sat across from each other in the cafeteria and when I saw him sitting there with the smile on his pretty face, I knew I could love him. For a month we were chained together, spending at least eight hours together every day, it was like we had to be together like there was a magnetic attraction between us. After a few weeks, we started going out and we both fell in love super quickly. 

I never believed in love at first sight, but we fit together so perfectly, every day and in every way. Even now that we are older and more mature and our relationship has already had to overcome a few hurdles, there has never been a day on which I haven't thought of him and felt even more love for him.

We argued, introduced ourselves to our families, he held my hand when I was in the hospital and I held his. We talked about children, about getting married, about money and now we're moving in together. We also have the same taste when it comes to women, which is pretty cool.

I've never been so happy - and he says exactly the same thing. "

3. Extremely violent

"It was the deepest fall in love I have ever experienced. We are now married and have been together for ten years."

4. Perfect - until ...

“We've met on the job since we first looked at each other in the eye, and we've been drawn to each other. After a week of flirting and staring into her beautiful blue eyes, she actually asked me out on a date were together for eight years, then we got engaged. To love with all your heart is perfection. 13 months after my proposal she married. Ten months later she had her first child, two years later her second. She is very happy with her life. I wish she'd married me instead of that idiot she met a month after she left me. " 

5. Simply right, even if it's wrong

“I met this girl when I was drunk, fell, and lost my phone. She was in a relationship, but we started hanging out anyway. I fell head over heels in love with her. I confessed to her that I was she likes and she said she likes me too. I kissed her for the first time and she immediately called her boyfriend and broke up with him. We are together now and very happy. "


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