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This new hair trend is even more beautiful than balayage - and we love it!

Palm Painting: This new hair trend is even more beautiful than balayage - and we love it!

So far, balayage has been the perfect solution for everyone who wanted delicate reflections as if they had been kissed by the sun. A new hair coloring technique is now giving the look a lot of competition. 
We all know it, we all love it - the megatrend of the last few years in terms of hair style: balayage ! In 2020, however, dyeing technology will have to dress warmly for the first time because it will face serious competition. Palm painting is the new magic word in hairstyle heaven - and rightly so. Because thanks to the technology, the end result should look EVEN more natural, EVEN softer and EVEN more beautiful. We explain to you what this is all about.
Basically, palm painting is not that different from balayage and can be seen as a kind of further development of the popular hair coloring method. While with balayage delicate highlights are painted freehand into the hair with a brush for an effect like being kissed by the sun, all tools with palm painting stay in the hairdresser's drawer.  
The name suggests it (Palm = in German: palm). With the new, much cooler, coloration technique, the color is only applied with the help of the hands. The hairdressers put the clay directly into their palms and then gently run it over the lower lengths of your hair. The result: super soft transitions and an even more natural look. Another plus point: Since the color merges completely with the natural shade, it grows out almost undetected. Expensive visits to the hairdresser every few weeks are a thing of the past. 

Do palm painting yourself - Oh no!

As is so often the case with palm painting: hands off and off to the professional! The technique is really top class and should - as with its predecessor balayage - only be used by trained colorists. They know how to properly massage the color into the hair and create a perfect transition. What you can do, however, is to always provide the hair with moisture afterwards. Care products specially tailored to your hair help ensure that your hair retains its shine and that the finely incorporated reflections come into their own. 


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