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Underground pimples: How to get rid of impurities

Unterirdische Pickel: Frau steht vor dem Spiegel und dr├╝ckt Pickel auf der Stirn aus

They annoy and sit deep under the skin: subterranean pimples on the forehead, nose or chin. What you can do against the nasty skin impurities on your face - the best tips and tricks.
Pimples on the face can drive us crazy, no question. And most of the time the blemishes appear precisely when we need them the least: Just before a date, a party or a necessary appointment. Subterranean pimples are especially bad. What you can do against the nasty lumps under the skin, we will tell you here.

Underground pimples: What is that?
Are you standing in front of the mirror and can you feel a small lump under your skin with your fingers that hurt, gets hot and can be pushed back and forth? Congratulations! Then you can be happy about a unique form of the common pimple: The subterranean spot! Subterranean pimples can appear on different parts of the body, most preferably on the face on the forehead, chin, nose, cheek or lip and become visible as red, purulent pimple.

Underground pimples: Causes
The causes of subterranean pimples are similar to "normal" spots on the face, an overproduction of sebum and dead skin cells. Both can cause pores to clog. If bacteria are added, the pores can become inflamed, and pimples can develop. Compared to common skin impurities, subterranean spots form in deeper skin layers and become visible through a pus-filled tip in the form of a red-yellow dot.

Underground pimples: That is why you should never express them!
Sure, such a bright red and pus-filled pimple tempts you to squeeze it out. But please keep your hands off the inflammation! If you want to squeeze pimples yourself, all you risk is that the bacteria will spread and the underground spot will become even bigger and more painful. By the way, this video illustrates how dangerous pimples can be to squeeze.

It can be especially dangerous if you want to prick the underground pimple with a needle. There is the danger that bacteria can get into the bloodstream or in the direction of the facial nerves and in the worst case can lead to blood poisoning or meningitis.

Underground pimples: That helps
From camomile to tea tree oil: we have the best tips on how to get rid of pimples very quickly.

1. steam bath
A steam bath with chamomile can work wonders and help the subterranean pimple subside. The hot steam can open the pores, the sebum can drain better, and chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect.

This is how it works: Boil a handful of dried chamomile flowers in a pot with two litres of water. Then place your face over the steaming water and a towel over your head so that the steam cannot escape.

2. tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is a real all-rounder in the fight against subterranean pimples. It has an antimicrobial effect and prevents the spread of bacteria. By the way: Try zinc - it also helps against acne!

That's how it works: Take up a few drops of tea tree oil with a cotton swab and apply to the pimple. Twice a day in the morning and in the evening. Necessary: Make sure to thoroughly remove dirt and make-up from the face before. 

3. train ointment
Pulling ointment ensures that the pus comes to the surface of the skin faster. This makes the pimple quickly visible and allows it to heal better.

This is how it works: Apply the pulling ointment only selectively to the subterranean pimple and not to healthy skin areas.

4. heat
Heat also helps to open the pores and bring the underground pimple to the surface.

This is how it works: Soak a washcloth in warm water and place it on the inflammation for a few minutes.

5. red light
Red light not only helps with muscle ailments but also with underground pimples. The heat penetrates into the deeper skin layers and stimulates the blood circulation. The sebum becomes more fluid, and the inflammation can heal better. Clogged pores are also prevented.

This is how it works: Place the face in front of the red light lamp for a few minutes. Not too tight! It is better to keep some distance.

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