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Why cotton swabs don't belong in your ears

Do you also use cotton swabs out of routine to clean your ears? A habit that does more harm than good to you.
Did you know that the label "Do not insert into the ear canal" is emblazoned on the cotton swab packaging? Well, neither do we. But that's precisely what you should stick to if your ears are important to you - also advise US ENT doctors in a study on the subject of ear wax.
The reason: The Q-Tip can damage your ear canal and irritate your eardrum. Additionally, the cotton swab is likely to push your wax deeper into your ear canal instead of removing it. If the ear canal is completely closed, the only thing that helps is going to the doctor, who will professionally pull the earwax plug.
And this is what it looks like when a Q-Tip has to be removed by a doctor - a painful procedure because the foreign body leaves redness and swelling inside the ear.

Here's how to properly remove wax from your ears

Instead of using hair clips, cotton swabs, paper clips, or other utensils, you'd better leave your ears alone. Why is it like that? Your ears clean in principle, even by the into the ear canal contained tiny hairs carry the dirt, such as earwax, outward to the external ear. If you don't want to do without cotton swabs, better use the ones for babies.
Otherwise, you have the option of cleaning the ear canal with warm water - preferably while showering. If you have a dry, irritated auricle, you can put a little baby oil on the affected area and massage it in.

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