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Why you shouldn't sleep on your right side

Why you shouldn't sleep on the right side: woman with pajamas and sleeping mask lies in bed

Are you the majority of people who like to turn on their right side when falling asleep? Then it's time to reconsider that habit! If you click on the video you will see what is so unfavorable for you!
The side position is one of the most popular sleeping positions. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to which side you fall asleep on a coming night. Left? Everything OK. Right? Better not - for several medical reasons. In a new study published in The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, doctor John Doulliard names four reasons why it is better to sleep on your left side.

Anatomical causes

The stomach and pancreas are on the left side of the body. Whoever sleeps on this side automatically promotes digestionThe reason for this: The digestive juices are channeled and the enzymes of the pancreas are better secreted. Those who sleep on the right side make the body's activities more difficult because the stomach presses on the pancreas and hinders its activities.

The lymphatic system is supported

Sleeping on the left side has a positive effect on the functioning of the lymphatic system. The lymph transports important nutrients such as glucose, proteins, and other substances through the body and at the same time cleanses it of waste materials that are filtered by the lymph nodes. To help transport the waste, it is advisable to sleep on the left side of the body.

Better for the heart

Those who sleep on the left side support the heart's pumping function simply and naturally. This is because the main artery, the aorta, curves from the heart to the left and leads into the abdomen. If you are lying on the right side of your body, your heart has to pump the blood "uphill".

Spleen is relieved

Last, but not least: the spleen is also on the left side of the body. It is responsible for blood purification and the execution of the correct lymph function. The waste that the lymphatic system carries is more easily carried to the spleen when you sleep on your left side. And that's basically due to the natural law of gravity.

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