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15 Everyday Habits You Can Use to Burn 100 Calories


Sometimes it's the little, everyday things that help you lose weight. We introduce you to 15 habits with which you can burn 100 calories.

You can be happy because subconsciously you are doing some good things for your figure AND your conscience. With everyday tasks that affect most of you, you can lose a few hundred caloriesYou will find out what these are below.

Losing weight made easy - with these habits:

  1. Wash off for 40 minutes: It's not fun, but it helps with weight loss.
  2. The hair styled in 35 minutes. The weight of the hairdryer alone makes a big difference.
  3. Move furniture for 30 minutesEven if the sofa in the corner looks kind of weird.
  4. Carrying a baby for 25 minutes: some infants only rest in their arms. The positive thing about it: You harden your arm muscles and lose calories over calories ...
  5. Telephoning - at least 35 minutes. Sure, you have to stroll through the living room, otherwise, nothing will happen.
  6. Dance around 20 minutes a day, just like that. Why not do a spontaneous dance to his favorite song? Have fun and let your calories tumble!
  7. 20-minute walk: whether to the train, bus, or around the block - a short walk of 20 minutes saves you 100 calories.
  8. Furniture, flooring, windows dusting for 20 minutes. Is necessary more often than you think. Just take a look at the next shelf ...
  9. Cook for 40 minutesWashing, peeling, and chopping also cost you around 100 calories. You get motivation for the next cooking session right away.
  10. Shop for an hourUnfortunately, it is a very expensive pleasure to lose weight.
  11. Gardening: Just 25 minutes are enough to drop the calories. Alternatively, you can start planting your balcony, after all, spring is (at least in theory) in full bloom.
  12. Vacuuming for 30 minutes not only makes your apartment sparkling clean, but it also helps you lose weight.
  13. Ironing - around 40 minutes.
  14. Anyone who has a dog is generally on the move a lot. walk of 25 minutes is enough to drop 100 calories.
  15. For advanced users: bathe the dog, around 25 minutes. Fun? Nothing. Burning Calories? Absolutely.


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