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7 thought mistakes we all make before starting a diet


You know it: Even before you start the actual diet, you discard it again. In the video, you can see why we all stand in our own way so often!

1. You only think in black and white

Thinking in black and white is the most common mistake you can make when dieting, according to Prevention.comYou want all or nothing - and if the weight loss success doesn't happen immediately, you stop dieting and don't even start again. Losing weight is an almost impossible task for you and the scales of your enemy. What helps: There is no point in putting yourself under pressure. Instead, aim for small, realistic goals. Always stay on the ball and don't let small disappointments throw you off course. It goes on. Always.

2. You're generalized

Generalization is the continuation of black and white thinking: If a diet doesn't work, it won't work for anyone - and is fundamentally bad! Aha. Are you ALWAYS unlucky in choosing your food? BASICALLY does not taste vegetarian? Such generalizations are counterproductive, especially if you want to lose weight. Give new weight loss methods and other nutritional models a chance before you categorically reject them.

3. You focus on the negative

You have already lost 10 kilos and received several positive comments about your figure. However, the only thing left in your head is: "You look pale today - are you okay?" A clear sign that you are focusing on the wrong things. This process is called mental filtering, which darkens your version of reality - and in the worst case, ends your dieting endeavors.

4. You disqualify the positive

Compliments like "You look great. How many pounds have you lost?" or "The new outfit shows how much weight you've lost" sound like empty phrases to your ears. In reality, your friends and co-workers may think that you are still way too fat. A train of thought that shows that your self-image has suffered greatly in recent years. The problem: People who always see themselves in a bad light often make bad decisions for themselves - not least when it comes to eating.

5. You can read minds

An attractive guy stares at you - but the only thing you can think of is: "Oh man, he'll definitely see my double chin." Let me tell you: it is definitely not as bad as you imagine it to be. This train of thought also shows that you are insecure with your body and have little self-confidence. Breakaway from it and don't be impressed by the opinions of others. After all, you are not dieting for other people, but for your own health.

6. You are too emotional

Do you let your feelings guide you in your decisions? When it comes to losing weight, these are unfortunately a poor guide. Because: If you have the feeling that you will never be able to lose weight, you will not stick to a diet or a fitness program. Or even get started with it. Those who still overcome themselves can give their feelings a different impulse and maybe even turn them into positive ones.

7. You are punishing yourself

"I'm not allowed to drink a milkshake, I shouldn't eat the donut, I can never go to this bakery again": Do the sentences sound familiar to you? Those who repeatedly impose limits on themselves, think in extremes, and punish themselves will hardly find any motivation to start and continue a diet. They do not help, they make diet torture and punishment. Anyone who wants to lose weight should generally approach positively - without restricting themselves too much.


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