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If he does these things for you, you are his great love

Do you want to know if your darling really loves you? In any case, if he does these things for you, there are some arguments in favor of it.

Bring flowers? Pamper your partner with their favorite meal on Valentine's Day? Say "i love you"? All sweet gestures and beautiful ways to show a person his love and affection. But everyone knows - and can therefore - yes. What not everyone knows, however, is which things one is only willing to do for true love , which "sacrifices" one would make only for it. You usually do that simply because you follow your feelings without thinking anything. And that's why such things, when he does them for you, are the best proof that he really loves you.

If he does these 10 things for you, you are his great love

1. He puts his friends behind

For you, does he whistle the bro code and even skip the evening with his buddies if you ask him to? Wow, that means something!

(Caution: But then please be careful that you don't take advantage of it and accidentally drive a wedge between him and his friends. This will not do him or your relationship any good in the long term ...) 

2. He asks you for advice

The first thing he asks you for advice when he has a problem? Or in your opinion? Great, then he seems to really admire and respect you!

3. He gives in without grumbling

In a relationship, both can not always prevail and compromises are sometimes impossible. That means that sometimes one, sometimes the other, has to give in. In a healthy, balanced relationship based on true love, this works and the partner knows that he is not disadvantaged just because he gives in this time - it will be his turn to assert himself next time. 

4. He tells you his secrets

Information is power and to tell someone everything about yourself means that you trust that person one hundred percent. Do you know its most important secrets ? If so, that's a good sign!

5. He's fighting for you

His great love does not just let a man go - not even if it means that he has to work on himself and go all out for her. Maybe he screwed up and jeopardized your relationship, but at the latest when he could lose you, he'll realize how special, unique and important you, his great love, are to him. Anyone who really fights deserves at least a chance ...

6. He forgives you

Oopsi, something overdone with the jealousy ? Or otherwise accidentally annoyed him? Do not worry, if he loves you, he will forgive you every mistake and every quirk - after all, they also make you the person he so admires.

7. He shares his most intimate feelings

Do you know his fears, dreams and greatest insecurities? Then you are obviously his absolute number 1 and closest reference person.

8. He plans his future with you

If he takes you into account in groundbreaking decisions and talks to you about it and makes it clear that he will see you by his side until the end of his life, the matter is clear. The man is absolutely serious.

9. He cares about you

He listens carefully to you when you For example, talking about your day, responding to your feelings, showing understanding and compassion when you feel bad, and being interested in the things you love. Nothing special? Oh but! Because all of this clearly shows that you are (next to himself) his center.

10. He stands by you in difficult times

The clearest proof of love of all: it stays with you when things get uncomfortable! If you weren't important to him, he'd curve when it got complicated, but if you're his true love, he'll go through the shit with you - and feel even more connected to you afterwards than before. 


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