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Is yoga something for heavy people too?

Many overweight people do not know whether they can practice yoga. Why yoga is particularly suitable for people with more body: A conversation with yoga teacher Tina Sunita Huber.

Why yoga and not walking?

Yoga is not just about physical exercises. It also has a strong effect on the mental level, improves self-esteem, and stimulates self-reflection: Where do I stand? What's wrong with my body Several of my course participants came to me after a while and said: "Imagine, I've logged into the gym again."

What should obese people consider when trying to do yoga?

Basically, I recommend everyone, no matter how fat, to go to a yoga school with certified teachers and take part in a trial lesson. Then you notice very quickly whether you like the studio atmosphere and the type of teaching. A good yoga teacher will offer suitable lessons in their repertoire - for example, back yoga or other gentle yoga lessons in which the exercises are held longer.

How is a heavyweight yoga program different from a class such as that offered in a gym?

The classic exercises from hatha yoga are modified a little. Sometimes bacon is a hindrance - if you want to reach around yourself, for example. The seated forward bend with legs stretched forward can also be difficult for someone with a large stomach. Then we do this exercise in the straddle. We also practice the smooth transitions that are often made in fitness studios - but much more slowly. An overweight person might be able to do the exercises in a power yoga class, but after ten minutes they would gasp and be frustrated.

What can yoga do for people who are overweight?

Correctly selected exercises are gentle on the joints, stretch and stimulate the metabolism. They also improve posture, which is extremely important for heavy people. Yoga lifts them up inside and out. Many participants are amazed at what their bodies can do. It is by no means the case that overweight people are less agile than lean people. But on the contrary! Athletic people often have severely shortened muscles. Overweight people, on the other hand, are often quite flexible. It boosts your self-confidence to see that you can do a lot of the exercises well, even at 150 pounds. With that, the desire for exercise returns - and self-esteem increases!


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