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Tips & Tricks: This helps with puffy eyes

Partied a lot, slept little? Then big eyes are often the result the next morning. Quick help is now the order of the day. We reveal the best tips and tricks for puffy eyes.

Puffy eyes: these are the causes

If you want to combat thick and puffy eyes, you should first know the causes. Because who knows when and why they arise can also counteract them more easily. Puffy eyes can quickly make the face look tired and puffy. So it's no wonder that we'd rather avoid them.

Thick eyes occur when too much fluid accumulates in the tissue and the lymph is not transported away optimally. This can be the case, for example, after a short night and little sleep or after crying. The same applies to an unhealthy lifestyle and a high-salt diet. These swellings are usually harmless and will subside during the day. A distinction must therefore be made between puffy eyes that swell again and bags under the eyes. These are genetically predisposed and arise when the tissue sags with age and more fat accumulate.

This is how you can prevent big eyes!

If the eyes are puffy because you did not sleep well, suffer from an allergy, and have a high-salt diet, there are a few things you can do to prevent them. Above all, you must always drink enough. Best in the form of water, unsweetened tea, or buttermilk. Sufficient fluid intake helps to get the lymphatic system going and thus to avoid puffy eyes. It is also advisable to always eat a healthy and balanced diet and always use salt sparingly. Also important: to prevent swelling, always keep your head a little higher when sleeping. And wink more often - the movement should stimulate the removal of lymph and tear fluid.

Swollen eyes? These are the best tips & tricks:

Even if you always drink enough and eat healthily, it can of course happen that big eyes have formed after getting up in the morning. In this case, we have put together the best tips here and explain how the eyes swell quickly and how to best apply

The best tips for puffy eyes


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