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THICK HAIR Care, cut and styling

Thick hair can sometimes be difficult to control. We will show you how to best care for your
 mane and how to make it look its best. 
Washing thick hair
Washing, drying, and styling hair: This procedure can take quite a while for thick hair. Therefore, it is generally recommended not to wash the hair every day. But don't worry, you won't have to put up with a greasy roots. You can get thick hair used to a new washing rhythm.

For this purpose, it is sufficient to delay the washing process very slowly and further. First you will notice greasy hair, which of course takes some getting used to. But hold on! But after about two weeks, you will notice that your roots become much less greasy. A little dry shampoo can help you to bridge the transition period.

If you do wash your hair, you should always apply a good conditioner afterwards. It will help to tame your mane and prevent flying hair.

If your thick hair is currently rather dry, you can also replace the conditioner with a hair mask. You use the rich mask just like a conditioner. This nourishes lengths and tips and makes them feel velvety soft again. For fine hair, this regular mini hair treatment would be too heavy, but fortunately you don't have to worry about that.

Drying thick hair
Air-drying thick hair is definitely the gentlest way to dry your hair. Unfortunately, the procedure for thick hair takes an extremely long time. So if you plan to dry your mane without heat, you definitely need to allow for time. Washing your hair in the evening is the best way to reduce stress.

If you have to do it quickly, it helps to keep a good hair dryer in the bathroom cabinet. If your hair is full, you need a version with lots of power, otherwise you will feel like blow-drying for an eternity until thick hair is dry. Therefore, make sure you have a high wattage. The appliance should have at least 2200 watts to be able to compete with your mane.

You can also choose to compromise: Let thick hair air dry first and then use a blow dryer when the mane is already dry. A good idea to keep hair damage to a minimum.

Use rich care

With thick hair, the care can hardly be too rich! The natural volume of your hair tolerates a lot of moisture - so you don't have to worry about weighing down your hair. On the contrary, if your hair is very thick and unruly, it may even be desirable to flatten it a little.

Therefore, you should gladly resort to intensive treatments and rich shampoos. Nourishing vegetable oils are also wonderfully suited for the care of thick hair. For your hair type, so-called non-dry oils are especially recommended: coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil for the hair keep the lengths smooth and prevent split ends and hair breakage.

Use styling tools correctly

If you have thick hair, you know the problem: As soon as you have twisted your curls, they have already said goodbye. Due to the additional weight of a thick mane, hairstyles generally hold a little worse.

But there are a few tricks you can use to make your styling last longer:

Use curling irons with a smaller diameter. Large curling irons are great for waves. But that doesn't apply to voluminous hair: Here the soft curls hang out much too quickly. Choose a small diameter so that the hair gets enough tension. You can still brush them through afterwards if you prefer to create light waves.

Cliff warm curls firmly. For freshly twisted curls to hold better, they should cool down in the right shape. Wrap the strand of curls around the head and attach it to the head. This fixes the curl shape and prevents the curls from unhanging quickly.

Wide straightening irons save you time. Fortunately, some technical manufacturers have thought ahead and created straightening irons with an extra wide surface. So you can straighten thick hair in a fraction of the time and save yourself a lot of effort (and sagging arms!).

Use accessories in the right size. Fine short bobby pins or thin braces are often not enough to keep thick hair in check. Reach for extra-long sturdy hairpins that you can pin crosswise in your hair. That way they hold bombproof!

Thick hair: Choose beautiful cuts

Fancy a new cut? You will be spoilt for choice! With your full mane, there are many beautiful hairstyles to choose from. Let the following ideas inspire you.

Steps, steps and more steps! Shorter parts of your hair will give you more momentum and take some volume out of your mane. This makes it easier and faster to get it into shape.

While women with fine hair have to be careful with ponies, you can let off steam! A full, straight cut pony looks especially good on you.



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