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Stomach Vacuum Flat stomach thanks to breathing exercises?

"Stomach Vacuum" is a breathing exercise that promises not only a flat stomach but also a strong back. Can this really work?

Stomach Vacuum
Stomach Vacuum

Even if you could think of it at first - "Stomach Vacuum" has nothing to do with a vacuum cleaner.

In fact, it's a new trend that is inspiring fitness bloggers everywhere. It's a breathing exercise that not only makes for a flat stomach but is also supposed to be good for the back and a narrow waist.

Breathing exercise with a kick

Social media stars are now showing how it all works in countless videos. Fitness model Scott Herman, for example, has demonstrated the exercise on his YouTube channel to over two million people:

How does "Stomach Vacuum" work?

Especially practical: You don't need anything for "Stomach Vacuum" except for your own body. There are different levels of difficulty for the exercise: standing, sitting, and lying down. Beginners should start with the workout in a standing position.

To do this, place both hands on your hips and breathe in calmly through your nose, then breathe out long and evenly. Pull your abdomen inwards so that it pushes the air out of your body. Hold this tension and count down from ten before taking a short break. Repeat the exercise three times.

One level more difficult is "Stomach Vacuum" while lying down. You stretch your arms and legs properly.

For professionals, the method is also suitable for sitting: Place your hands on your thighs and concentrate on the tension in your upper body.

Workout in between

The best thing about the exercise: It is not only suitable for being built into a workout in between but can also be performed in everyday life without any problems.

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